Top 5 Legends of Ghosts in the Ancient World

Stories of haunted houses and ancients legends have never stopped to gain our attention. This is the reason as to why horror flicks always sell the best. While some of the stories sound really funny, some of them are really scary too. So with a view of thrilling our guests here, we went gathering some of the best stories across the globe and here we have them listed for you. Hope you love them, and may you have sleepless nights.


Cult of the Dead –Brittany:

The fear of playing with dead souls is not something that is restricted to Brittany alone. This legend is quite common across the globe, especially in places that are quite neanderthal even today in terms of beliefs. It is always said that the burial places are not something for a common man. People who are associated with black magic and negative energy are the ones who live in this place. In the ancient world, it was believed that these ghosts gathered in cemeteries at midnight.


The legend of Enkidu is quite weird. Enkidu, a ghost of the Netherworld, returns only to complain about the conditions of the dead who are living now as souls. He feels that things haven’t changed a bit and the sufferings of the real world still exist even when they are dead. The story continues to end that these ghosts were highly offended that they didn’t let Enkidu go out of the clutches of purgatory. So these Sumerian ghosts are said to be repulsive

The Roman Ghosts:

Ghosts need not have to be bad all the time. Termed as the Roman Manes, they are the dead who were believed to take the place of Gods. The Roman Ghosts in the pre-ancient period were considered as Gods. Romans believed that the spirits of the dead of their family members are said to reside to nearby the members to take care of the spiritual guidance and safeguard the houses. They will also fight against any evil that should touch the house.


The story of the Banshee is quite interesting. These are believed to be women in white garments initially believed as ghosts were the ghosts that kept chanting the name of the person who would die next.  Though the legend of Banshee was initially seen as ghosts, they were later considered as Gods. People also have believed to have heard wailing, and there were also stories of people seeing banshees washing the blood off the heads and clothes of people.

Ghosts in Mesopotamia:

The legend of the ghosts of Mesopotamia tells us that the ancient myths of ghosts were really as scary as we thought they would be. Yes, it is true that people did take things seriously way to serious and personal back then, but still, they were not scary all the time. So in case of the ghosts of Mesopotamia, the people of Mesopotamia believed that the end of life was death and there is nothing more. However, they had a system that exists after that, and they called it Irkalla. The dead souls were not allowed to leave this place forever and in certain cases to would appear to the living just in case to warn them.