A Photographer’s Life: Bailed Out

As a photographer, it is my passion to capture moments and sceneries; sometimes this passion goes a little bit overboard and would prompt me to go what is beyond what is usually permitted. More often than not, my offense would be trespassing, but sometimes if you got caught by an unreasonable person or you panic and did something stupid, you would end up where I once ended up, a place known as Jail.

If you come from a family with means, or maybe making money with your photography, you might be able to afford the bail. Unfortunately, at the time I was detained, I was neither. The bail was just a thousand dollars, but my camera didn’t even worth half that at the time, but through a sign, I was saved. Actually, it was more like a list of bail bond agents, the one I decided to call was Bail Bonds San Diego, who gladly helped me, for a fee that is.


Just In Case This Happens To You

The things about bail bonds is that you have to convince the bail bond agent that you can be trusted to come during your hearing, which is fairly easy to do if you are either innocent or convincing. But Before that the agent will ask the following from you:

  • Your Full Name – For the record.
  • Address – For the record
  • Jail and Case Details – The reason you were in prison, your file number, and everything else related to the case.
  • 10% of the Bail as a fee – This is how they make money, and unlike the bail, this is non-refundable.
  • Collateral – Some ask for this and Some Don’t, but it’s to make sure that you won’t skip your court date. Remember that you could lose collateral if you fail to be present during the hearing, though.

After you get all of these sorted out, you get to go home and wait for the court date to settle everything, and afterward, you are considered free if you are not guilty and sentenced to jail if not, either way, though the Bail no longer needs to be settled.


What Should a Photographer Do To Avoid this?

The first thing that a photographer should do to avoid paying for bail or a bail bond; is NOT to do anything stupid that could get you arrested.  How might you ask? By doing the following:

  1. Ask permission to enter someone’s property – Don’t go inside if you are not allowed to.
  2. If you ignored #1, be quiet; get your photo and GO.
  3. If you ignored #1 and failed to do #2, Don’t get Caught.
  4. If You were stupid enough to fail all three, don’t panic and; either apologize and turn yourself in, or run and make sure not to damage anything or anyone on your way out.

Photography is an excellent hobby and a great career, so try not to ruin your future by doing something stupid or at least don’t get caught doing it.