A Great Yet Disappointing Find

Last month I got a call from a fan of the website, they offered to donate some of the photographs their grandfather took during the war. We were able to drive all the way to the guy’s location and drove even further to their grandfather’s cabin; the place looked well maintained but hasn’t been lived in for a while. We were given a box of wonderfully taken photos of the war, we started scanning them there, but there were more in the basement, so we decided to continue scanning when we get back to the hotel. Unfortunately, we all found out that the cabin had termites and a good number of the boxes were pretty much munched on already.

We searched for a local Pest Control Folsom company  online and got them to treat the whole cabin. We waited for a few days since the pest control company required the place to be off limits until they give the green light. We were able to get closer to Craig, the guy donating the photos, and hanged out for a few days. When we were finally allowed to enter the cabin, we discovered that only one of the four boxes were still good. We still found great photos, but we along with Craig were disappointed that those photos were lost.